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Money Dolly

The Future of Fundraising Has Arrived


MoneyDolly is sweeping the nation as the best fundraising solution that gives you all the options. Here’s how it works.



When you need to raise money but don’t want all the stress, it’s time to do MoneyDolly. MoneyDolly is the ultimate all-in-one fundraising platform that can solve the stressful problems of fundraising leaders, participants, and supporters.

MoneyDolly is the key to a crazy successful fundraiser. Reach your goals quickly, leaving you more time to sit back and relax.


1. My Setup

The My Setup feature is crazy easy to use. You’ll complete a simple launch checklist that only takes a few minutes.

  • Start by registering and reserving your specific launch week.

  • Add a picture, logo, and small message about your group.

  • Choose how to fundraise by selecting donations, products, or events.

  • Set your profit goal and how you would like to receive your money at the end.

2. My Roster

To have a successful fundraiser, get your whole group involved.

  • Invite every participant to download the app.

  • Onboard all participants within minutes.

  • Take a quick tour of the app.

3. My Circle

Now that your group is ready and organized, reach out and collect the cash.

  • Use the app to choose contacts from your phone.

  • Selected contacts will receive automated texts and emails throughout the fundraiser, inviting them to support your group.

  • People who contribute can leave a personalized message or stay anonymous.

  • Don’t forget to thank each contributor (especially all the Aunties or you’ll hear about it at every gathering for the rest of your life).

4. My Rewards

A friendly competition within your team can make the fundraiser even more fun for everyone involved.

  • See whole team and individual performance rankings.

  • Offer rewards to those who help raise the most money.

5. My Insights

You’ll never have to guess how successful your fundraiser is because you’ll receive real-time reports that keep you in the know.

At the end of your fundraiser, you’ll get a detailed report about your goal, net earnings, and how many people contributed.



P.O Box 1631

Metairie LA 70004-1631



Mon - Fri :

9am - 5pm

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